How to Buy?

How to Buy?


After selecting the products, color and model selections you decide to buy, add them to your cart.
You must click the man Add to Cart ”button next to the product. If there is any option in the product (color, model, etc.), you must select. You cannot add the product to the cart without making a selection. When you open a page about the products in your cart, you can make changes to the number of products you order or you can remove any items in the basket from the basket by the basket and remove it from the basket.

If you're shopping for the first time, you'll need to register your email address and create a password. You can also log in with your Facebook account or google account. You must enter your next address, address, phone and billing information by pressing the Resume purchase button. Once you have entered your information, you will return to the next step by pressing the completed shopping Info button on the shipping selection page. On this page you will see the cargo prices of the cargo companies according to the product details of the shipping companies. After selecting the shipping company you want, you can reach our payment options by clicking on the “full shopping Language sonra button.

You can pay by credit card, pay by credit card or installment by using one of the payment methods of Idon and Pay on our payment options page. Once you have selected your payment method, the information you fill in will be opened with the sales contract tab to be prepared, if you have a total purchase and if you have the amount of cargo and discount and payment amount. Your order will be processed after confirming the tab that opens and completes your payment. If there is availability on business days, they will be shipped on the same day. (only in turkey)The cargo companies we work with are delivering their deliveries to Istanbul at distances of up to 600 km in one working day. We also deliver more than 600 km to the center within 2 working days. There is a 2.3 day or weekly shuttle service in the village.

Our products are carefully controlled and packaged. Quality is complete. There is no guarantee that the product will not be shipped and the product will be shipped to the buyer within 7 days. When purchasing the product, the pattern and color must be specified. Patterns and colors for orders and colors are not guaranteed. The next color and pattern in the pattern is sent at random. Metsan reserves the right to change the payment method or to cancel the order by contacting the buyer in the case of suspicious purchases.

The address of the products you purchase from must be the address you will find during working hours. If the cargo company cannot find the receiver at the first stop, the buyer leaves a note and the buyer receives the product from the cargo branch. Please consult your shipping agent when receiving your cargo. If the product you received is damaged or missing, please report it to the dispatcher and do not buy it. The damaged product will be returned to Metsan Hookah and a new one will be sent after receiving it. For undamaged damaged or missing orders, the cargo is not exchanged.

Shipping costs are calculated by The shipping cost is calculated automatically by the site according to the size of the product. Site has the right to change the price of the products calculated by the site.

There is a 256 bit SSL certificate for the security of our site's valuable customers. Your credit card information cannot be seen by our employees or others.

in shopping in Turkey is 250 tl shipping fee paid by us in the above order.


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