About Us

About Us


Mshisha was established in 1996 and has always been one of the leading companies in the hookah industry. It is one of the most preferred companies in Turkey and abroad, due to its honest, principled, warehousing and non-obligatory service approach as a working principle.

Nearly 50 provinces continuously supply products to cafes or retail outlets. It has also been successful by maintaining foreign exports and raising the level of imports. Mshisha is able to serve 7 days thanks to its young, dynamic and hardworking managers and staff.

Mshisha management, who is a true hookah lover, has undertaken management and sponsorship views on many issues related to hookah.

Mshisha wholesale hookah sales, hookah sets production, hookah online sales, material service to hookah cafes, material service to shops selling hookah materials, supplying products to cafes and hookahs in exchange for wholesale hookah materials in cities outside of Istanbul and abroad, Hookah Sets, hookah materials, Cuban hookah coal It continues to import, produce hookah sets and hookah materials, maintain the dealership of those who produce many hookah tobacco and other materials in and around the country, and establish and operate many hookah cafes.


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