You can choose hookah bowls from our site www.nargiledukkani.com and learn about the product features. First of all, we will share the information we will share about hookah bowls in the frame of frequently asked questions.

What is lule?
It is a bowl shaped tobacco receptacle at the top of the hookah set. Shisha tobacco is put into it, prepared by using the foil or metal apparatus on the burned coals placed on the heat in the tobacco and then smoke is provided to provide smoke. The bowl is the tobacco hopper of the hookah team.

How many types of hookah bowl?
We can classify the hookah bowl as female and male in the main category. The male bowls are designed to penetrate into the bottom of the. Usually the domestic model is compatible with hookah sets. The female hookah nozzles are designed to be fitted on the six-hole nozzle housing. It is generally compatible with abroad models hookah sets.

Of course, the varieties of hookah bowls do not end with being male and female. It is also classified by the design of the dish section. Phunnel style bowls are the most commonly used types of hookah naps in the bowl. In addition, the raw material of the shisha ring, the material used,  (painting) of the outside of the hookah which is the different types of classification in terms of how to use the bowls.

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