MetX Hookah Set
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MetX Hookah Set

New model hookah set ( Closed Chembers) 6 color 75 cm

50 (KDV Dahil)
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MetX Hookah Set

MetX Hookah Set Pieces :
Special series aluminum body and parts
Prestige model locked system thick bottle
Detachable steel bottom pipe
Steel work cc (full drain) pipe
Silicone lance with aluminum cap
Aluminum colored tray 20 cm
Removable silicone muffler
Female earth nozzle and gasket
Tongs, replacement seals and balls
Anodized coating body evacuation system with one breath (cc) prestige modei special bottle opening and closing silicone silencer
MetX Hookah Set Setup:
Screw the small cc tube under the dome part.
Install the silicone muffler to the non-threaded part of the lower tube.
Hold the ball seats with the ball points facing up to avoid falling balls on the dome.
Remove the label on the dome part to prevent the balls from falling inside.
Screw the lower serpentine upwards from the bottom of the dome to the end
Combine the completed body part with the bottle part and lock it by turning.
Place the bottom of the lug into the lug housing.
After installing the silicone gasket under the nozzle and putting it into the nozzle housing, you will have completed the tool installation. Then you can open the bottle again, fill the water in the bottle, then add tobacco and charcoal to the nest of noodles and start drinking with pleasure.
Do not push the silicone muffler all the way in. Place the perforated parts halfway so that they remain free. Be careful not to force the aluminum and steel parts together so that they are not deformed. You can reach the details about hookah preparation from our website.

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